15 Reasons Why Everybody Should Use Essential Oils
1. Because our chemically enhanced lives are making us weak, compromising our immunity, and our ability to live a healthy, energetic and long life.

2.Because our drugs, cleaning products, soaps and shampoos, air fresheners, deodorants, fast food, designer nutrients and recreational drugs are full of chemicals that are foreign to us, and they are making us sick!

3. Because our air, water and soil have been filled with the chemical by-products of industry, which were never meant for human consumption.

4. Because nature has solutions for these problems!

5. Essential oils are nature’s perfect solutions for body, mind, and spirit.

6. Essential oils are nature’s perfect solutions for the problems that chemicals, poor nutrition and stress have added to our lives.

7. Just a few drops at a time can calm us down, help us to focus, relieve the tensions we all inevitably face. 

8. They can relax our muscles, improve our digestion, help us get a fantastic night’s sleep, or remember what we need to remember. 

9. They can make us strong in the face of challenges, whether mental, emotional, psychological, or physical.

10. They can help us build up our immune systems, loosen our joints, and enhance our ability to heal on all fronts. 

11. They can help to purify our bodies of chemical toxins as well as the air we breathe. They connect us with nature.
 12. D. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living Essential Oils, suggests that essential oils may even be “the missing link” to having optimal health…the link we left behind when pharmaceuticals and synthetics came into the market place and replaced our “quaint” country ways.

13. The fragrant molecules of pure essential plant oils have been with us since our beginning. They “speak” to us of the essence of life and the way to be in harmony with it. 

14. They re-connect us with nature’s holistic design for wellness, in body, mind, and spirit. They put the power of wellness in our own hands, lift our spirits and help to open our hearts. 

15. They teach us to breathe, relax, and reach out to other people. That’s why we need them now…possibly more than ever.

I can't imagine my life without essential oils, because they have only made my life better. 


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